Wheel Alignment Universal City TX

Symptoms of poor alignment or completely misaligned wheels can be hard to detect at times but your wheels are not straight you might experience drifting when you release your steering wheel. Other symptoms include excessive vibrations at higher speeds on the freeway.

Here at Victory Lane Automotive we can quickly realign your wheels and get you back on the road in no time at all. With such a quick and simple procedure there is little to no reason not to have your wheel alignment checked.

Your wheels are literally where the rubber meets the road and you may consider holding your steering wheel firm when you notice a problem with your alignment but what you may not know is that misaligned wheels can lead to other problems. When your wheels are not straight it can cause uneven wear on your tires.

Tires with uneven wear can become less effective and significantly shorten the life of your tires. Another service that can help keep your wheels aligned and performing at their best is wheel balancing service.

Wheel Balancing Universal City, TX

Wheel balancing and wheel alignment and issues are often confused by drivers as they can result in similar negative symptoms. When your wheels are unbalanced you can possibly notice excessive vibrations at higher speeds because your tires are not making even contact with the road. This can also cause uneven wear and tear on your tires which will eventually make it more difficult to stop or cause rainy weather conditions to become far more hazardous than they should be due to minimized tread on your tires.

This can often time be easily corrected by adding lead weights on the rims of your wheels. This will help even out road contact. This will help your vehicle distribute its weight evenly among your four wheels helping preserve your tires by having them perform as they are expected.

So if you think your wheels are misaligned or unbalanced be sure to give us a call here at Victory Lane Automotive. We are happy to help you with all your automotive maintenance and repair needs whenever they should arise. Come to see what a difference excellent customer service and quality maintenance and repairs can make to your auto shop experience.

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