I want to make sure I'm covered under my car warranty, do I have to go to the dealer to be covered for maintenance?

If it’s the factory warranty you would need to take it to the dealer. If it’s an extended warranty or an after-market warranty, we can work on it. By law, you can go any independent shop to have routine maintenance performed.

How often do I really need to have my oil changed?

This varies depending on the type of oil you use. If you use straight, conventional oil, we recommend every 3000 miles. If it’s a blend oil, we recommend every 4-5000 miles, depending on driving habits. If it’s all city driving 4000. If it’s a combination of city and highway you can go 5000. If it’s a full synthetic, we recommend between 5-7000 miles depending, again, on your driving habits.

How much should I be paying for oil changes?

It varies depending upon what type of oil you are using at the time and depending if you do some kind of maintenance package at the same time, which can make the price increase but can extend the life of the engine.

How do I know if my vehicle needs to be maintained with synthetic oil changes?

We go by what the manufacturer recommends. You can always find this information in your owner’s manual. If you are unsure or cannot locate your owner’s manual, we are happy to look up this information for you.

Should I keep maintaining my car or buy a new one?

If the car is still in relatively good condition, I would recommend doing proper maintenance to prolong the life of the vehicle. If the car has high mileage but hasn’t been properly maintained, it may be more economical to get a new vehicle.

How often should windshield wiper blades be replaced?

In this part of Texas, you can get two to three years out of your windshield wipers. However, general rule of thumb is when you start to see streaking and they are not cleaning your windshield properly you should have them replaced.

How much should a water pump cost?

This would vary depending on what type of vehicle you drive and what else needs to be replaced as well: a new timing belt, coolant flush, etc. We always recommend a coolant flush with a water pump replacement to clean out any old contaminants.

When should I have my air conditioning checked?

Most people have theirs checked when it stops blowing cold air. But, generally, we recommend getting it checked out once a year, as we check out more than just your A/C. We check out the cooling system, belts, hoses, cabin air filter, etc. We do a thorough evaluation of the entire system.

When should I have my vehicle checked for an alignment?

It’s good to have the alignment checked anytime you are having a new set of tires put on your car, if you notice your car pulls or drifts one way or the other, or if your steering wheel doesn’t stay straight while driving. These are tell-tell signs that your alignment could use an adjustment.

When should I have my brakes checked?

Depending on your driving habits, you should have your brakes checked at least once a year. At our shop, we always inspect your brakes when we give you an oil change.

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