Why Is My Battery Important?

As most adults do, we have a routine. . .what’s not part of that routine is a dead car battery. To avoid an auto nightmare, first let’s get into what exactly your car battery does. It is a storage unit that supplies power to all the electrical components throughout your car, such as the starter, radio, power windows etc.   Your car also has an alternator that is designed to maintain the battery and keep it fully charged.  All the different electrical components are put to work by the zap of electricity your car battery provides which in turn delivers the power to your starter.  In other words, your battery is the beating heart of your vehicle, as you may have figured out the hard way at some point, without it your vehicle will not start.

 So, when is the right time to change out your battery?  The most obvious answer is when it’s dead, but the most effective answer is every 3-5 years. The best tip to avoid any dead battery issues is to have it tested and inspected annually by a mechanic.  Here at Victory Lane Automotive, we perform a free battery test to evaluate the condition of your battery.  The battery has what’s called CCA, cold cranking amps which a certain amount are needed to start the engine.  As your battery gets old there is a depletion of the internal parts, and it loses some of the CCA until there are not enough cold cranking amps to start the engine anymore.  The test we perform will show us how many CCA’s are left that determine if the battery is good, or bad enough to replace.  That’s why it’s important to have the battery tested once or twice a year to avoid getting stranded.

Other key factors that come to play with the life expectancy of your battery is the weather, hot or extremely cold weather can kill your battery.  Allowing your car to sit for very long periods of time can drain the battery and also cause it to go bad.  We’re all too familiar with the hot Texas summers, so you’ll want to lean more towards longevity and of course reliability when you’re in the market for a new battery. There are several brands of batteries on the market to choose from, but here at Victory Lane Automotive we like to use ACDelco batteries because they’ve been proven to us over time to hold up and typically last a long time.  Also, ACDelco batteries have been known to set the standard for battery performance, reviewed as most durable, and comes with a great limited warranty.

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