Why does my car pull to the right?

Victory Lane Automotive | Why does my car pull to the right?Does your vehicle veer or pull to the right/left? Does your steering wheel sit cockeyed? Does your vehicle vibrate? Did you recently replace the tires? If you answered yes to any of these, we recommend checking your vehicle’s alignment!

Your vehicle has preset angles to specify the manufacturer’s ideal measurements, positioning your tires to align with one another and to the road-- when misaligned (meaning one or more wheels are pointing in different directions) your vehicle will not maneuver smoothly!

 Alignment issues may arise naturally as a result of car parts aging and normal wear and tear on the vehicle.  Other leading causes maybe- impact from hitting a curb/pothole, or from an accident. Items that affect the alignment are tires, Ball Joint(s), Tie Rod(s), Control Arm(s), Bushings, Idler Arm, Pitman Arm, Center Link, Gear Box, Rack & Pinion Steering, Struts, and Shocks.  A correct alignment improves drivability, prevents uneven tire wear, and extends the life of your tires! It’s good practice to check your alignment at least once a year.

Victory Lane Automotive | Wheel AlignmentThe diagram reflects the various measurements of your vehicle; caster--compares the steering axis to the vertical axis from a side profile of the vehicle, camber--measures the vertical title of your wheels from a side profile of the vehicle, and the toe--measures whether your wheels turn in or out if you’re looking down at the vehicle from above. 

Give us a call at (210) 658-8325 for a FREE alignment check! We’ll also inspect your tires, and check all steering and suspension parts at no cost!!


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