Why are my brakes squeaking?

Are you hearing a squeaking or squealing sound whenever you apply the brakes? Depending on how often and when you’re hearing the squeaking/squealing, this could be a sign that it’s time to service your brakes.

It’s not uncommon to hear a squeaking or squealing noise when you first start up your vehicle or after a shift in weather/temperatures- like rain, snow, or humidity (we know humidity far too well here in Texas). This is a result of moisture and dirt being scraped off the surface of the rotors by the brakes pads whenever you apply the brakes. Once your brake pads and rotors are at work and heat up, and the noise stops you’re in the clear but we still advice to have your brakes inspected once a year!

A constant squeaking or squealing, or an increase in noise may be your vehicle telling you it’s time to inspect your brake system to see what’s going on and also, it may be time to replace parts in your brake system. Here at Victory Lane  we do a thorough inspection for you, that high pitch squealing is quite annoying but extremely crucial being that it may be the metal tabs built in on the brake pads, which are designed to scrape the rotors once they’re worn to its minimal safety thickness! A warped rotor (meaning the rotor has uneven wear) may also be a playing factor as to why you’re hearing noises when applying your brakes, that’s because your brake pads are intended to function on a flat surface. 

Ultimately your brake system is such a crucial safety component in your vehicle, and a constant squeaking/squealing are sure signs that it’s time for a brake inspection. Set up your next appointment at (210) 658-8325 and have one of our ASE certified technicians keep you safe on the road! 



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