Let's Clear the Air with Cabin Air Filters

With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to check your cabin air filter! For starters let’s clear the
air about what a cabin air filter does. (Pun intended!) The sole purpose of the cabin air filter is to
reduce airborne particles such as pollen, dust, dirt, smoke, mold spores, exhaust gases, smog, and
odors from invading the cabin of your vehicle.

Now, it’s not to be confused with an engine air filter! Both are similar, one just covers a different
area of the vehicle. Simplest way to remember this is that the engine air filter-filters the air in the
engine, the cabin air filter does the same but for the cabin of the vehicle. The inexpensive cabin
air filters are made up of paper and a mixture of other fibrous materials. The filters have pleats
to better catch and hold the contaminants. However, the high-end filters, most times have
charcoal embedded in them and or enhanced with antimicrobial which protects against mold,
mildew, odor and bacteria- as well as product deterioration.

Though your cabin air filter is out of sight, it most certainly shouldn’t be out of mind especially
during the Spring time, which if you suffer from severe allergies you know how frustrating this
time can be. By replacing it regularly, you ensure that the air circulating inside the passenger
compartment of your vehicle is largely free of contaminants and that should be enough to
make you breathe much easier. We recommend that the cabin air filter be replaced on average
every 15-30,000 miles, minimally once a year or inspect during your routine maintenance. Be
mindful that this may vary due to your environment and driving habits.

Give us a call at Victory Lane Automotive to have your cabin air filter inspected.

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