Here is a sound that’s heard on vehicles ever so often once they start to age and get some miles on the odometer.  It comes on gradually and slowly gets louder over time, but sometimes comes on faster than you think.  While you’re driving down the road and you hear a kind of roaring, whining noise and the faster you go the louder it gets. Different components or parts on your car can make noises as they wear out or go bad, but one of the most common noises that change with speed is the front Wheel Bearings or Hub Bearings when they start going bad, even sometimes can come from the rear as well and can cause a roaring, whining, or a growling noise and it gets louder as you go faster.  At Victory Lane Automotive our trained ASE Certified Technicians can diagnose this type of problem quickly, by listing while driving on the road, or putting the car up on a lift and having someone run it in gear to turn the wheels faster and faster and the tech listens with a stethoscope to pinpoint the sound.  Once the problem is diagnosed the repair can be done in a reasonable amount of time and get you back on the road safely in a few hours. Same Day Service in most cases. So, if you ever hear roaring, whining, or a growling type of noises coming from the front or rear of your vehicle or any noise that doesn’t sound normal give us a call we are always happy to help our customers and keep them safe while they are driving.

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