Universal City Car Battery Replacement

Too often we wait until our vehicle isn’t starting to inspect our batteries.  Considering your vehicle’s battery is a storage unit that supplies the electrical power to start your vehicle, we understand the importance of maintaining a reliable means of transportation and avoid any unwanted surprises.  Victory Lane Auto in Universal City, Texas, is your one stop shop when it comes to automotive care- inspecting your car battery, battery cables and terminals, along with performing an open circuit voltage test which will determine if the battery is good, or bad enough to replace.

Overtime your car’s battery ages and loses ability to hold a charge and without warning may leave you stranded.  Other key factors that come to play with the life expectancy of your battery, is the weather- hot or extremely cold weather can kill your battery.  Allowing your car to sit for very long periods of time can drain the battery and also cause it to go bad. 

We understand as unique as your car, truck, minivan or SUV may be, so is your automotive battery - catering to all makes and models. Unsure of the size, amp hour rating or cold cranking amps needed for your vehicle… our ASE certified techs will test your battery, alternator, and starter to determine the condition of the complete charging system and when we determine the battery has failed or is degraded to below the expectable amperage required for your vehicle, we will provide you with what’s recommended whether it’s a wet cell or AGM type of batteries, installing the best performing and most durable car battery or truck battery for your vehicle, alongside we offer a great limited warranty.  Generally, car batteries can last anywhere from 2-5 years and with premium batteries varying from 4 -6 years.

Victory Lane Auto is your power source for your car battery replacement! Call us TODAY at (210) 658-8325 or visit us at 264 Kitty Hawk Rd., Universal City, TX 78148!!

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