At Victory Lane Automotive, we’re able to help you with a wide range of automotive services. With so much to offer you, we throught it’d be a good idea to highlight a few of our popular services. Read on to learn about our featured services: brake repair, transmission fluid flush, and computer diagnostic services.

Brake Repair Universal City TX

Whether you’re going five minutes up the road or two hours to another town, you rely on your brake system to get you safely to your destination each time you get in your vehicle. While a lot of drivers stop by Victory Lane Automotive because they need to make their cars go, it’s important to be able to stop, too. You don’t want to find out firsthand what happens when two objects attempt to occupy the same space at the same time, right?

We specialize in brake repair services. If you’re having trouble stopping contact our Universal City team for repairs.

Brake Services Universal City TX

Schedule an appointment with our brake professionals. We provide a full range of brake system services, including:

As always, we provide our services at affordable prices and don’t like being beat. For great brake repair prices in Universal City, contact us. We look forward to keeping you safe on the road.


Transmission Fluid Flush Universal City TX

Automotive TransmissionIs it time for a transmission fluid flush? Like motor oil and other automotive fluids, your transmission fluid deteriorates over time. Since this fluid is responsible for cooling and lubricating different components to ensure they work correctly, it’s important to have a transmission fluid flush performed. See your driver’s manual for recommended intervals and important notes.

Why do I need a Transmission Flush

If you never change your transmission fluid, your vehicle is going to work harder and hotter, damaging components and possible resulting in your needing a new transmission, if not a new vehicle. If you hear grinding noises or have trouble changing gears, it may be time for a transmission flush. Victory Lane Automotive has been assisting families with transmission flushes since 2000. Schedule your service today.


Computer Diagnostics Universal City TX

Modern vehicles use computers to monitor the performance of the engine and other components. When something isn’t up to par, today’s automobiles alert you with a warning light. While most are self explanatory, like “Low Oil,” some aren’t as telling. When your check engine light comes on, for example, it’s easy to become frustrated. Come in for a computer diagnostic the next time something is wrong with your vehicle.

Stop by our auto repair shop in Universal City, TX for your engine diagnostic or other computer diagnostic. We’ll tell you what’s wrong and work with you on your next steps to fix it.

Identify Automotive Problems

Using our computer diagnostic equipment, we’re able to read your vehicle’s warning light codes and accurately identify the problem. It doesn’t take long to do, and you can ask for an auto repair estimate. We won’t do any work without your permission.

Don’t let an engine diagnostic scare you. Your vehicle is an important part of your lifestyle. You can keep it around longer and save money in the long run by taking good care of it now. When your car, truck, or SUV tells you something is wrong, let the team at Victory Lane Automotive find out exactly what’s wrong.


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