Chevrolet Preventive Maintenance

  Chevrolet cars, trucks and SUVs are known for being dependable vehicles! Whether it’s your family vehicle, work truck, or your daily driver to run errands- we want to help with prolonging its life span. Your vehicle is your second biggest purchase and what better way to save money than to keep up with services that will aid in your vehicle running at its peak performance.

  With every visit we provide our customers a detailed digital vehicle inspection. This includes pictures, videos and descriptions of the assigned technician’s findings with recommendations based on condition, mileage or time based suggestions to maintain or improve your vehicle’s performance. Every vehicle is different therefore we customize digital vehicle inspections to your vehicle’s condition, mileage, driving habits, and upkeep! Here are some examples of some recommendations you may see throughout on your DVI:

  • Replace engine oil filter
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Replace spark plugs soon if not already performed
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Inspect tire condition and tire pressure
  • Inspect brake pad, disc, and hose
  • Inspect suspension
  • Inspection radiator
  • Inspect coolant
  • Inspect windshield wiper and washer
  • Inspect headlights, horn, and other electrical systems
  • Inspect battery condition
  • Check wheel alignment

  Most modern vehicles can go longer between service intervals and here at Victory Lane Automotive, we will be the first to tell you if you can wait to have a component or maintenance service replaced or performed but it is important to keep in mind that your manufacturer’s maintenance suggestions are simply estimations based on ideal best case scenario driving conditions. Long stop and go commutes or extreme weather can be considered severe driving conditions and can significantly shorten the time between service intervals.

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